MNS UET has signed a partnership agreement with Github – an online Community and subsidiary of Microsoft – to offer students and teaching staff the opportunity to cooperate and contribute to different IT projects without cost.

Revision control of source code is very important in all development and management of systems. GIT is a system for revision control developed by the Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

MNS UET has signed a partnership agreement with GitHub. The agreement offers all subjects and departments at MNS UET the chance to use all GitHub services without charge. At the GitHub web hotel there are thousands of interesting projects and the service is used by very many companies for code-hosting, release management and bug fixing. Because it is an online community, it’s a good system to use if there are several developers in the same project, but also for one’s own project. It’s also a very good way to share source codes or other types of revisions

Dr. Asim Umer – Registrar MNS UET

Labour market needs

In MNS UET there is an ongoing strategic project to support students’ preparation for their future careers. GIT is a component at several levels of their studies. Thanks to our partnership agreement, all students and Staff at MNS UET who register with Github have free access to the GitHub Student Developer Pack ($200k worth of tools and training), which for instance offers free domain names and free cloud instances in both Azure and AWS for a limited period, and an additional 50-ish services.

Some of the Services are: