Muhammad Baligh Ur Rehman

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me as a Chancellor of this University to extend my felicitations and the best wishes to the Graduating Students, Faculty, Management and Administrative Staff of the University on this memorable occasion of First Convocation.

In any society, the pursuit of education enhances and broadens the intellectual horizon of the citizenry. Institution of higher learning and professional education help advance new ideas, promote enduring knowledge, assist in inculcation of appropriate moral and ethical values among the students to become responsible citizens and sponsor academics excellence and perfection.

In todays global word, knowledge is the only source for further evaluation and progress of a Country. The challenge that Universities and institutes of higher learning would face in this scenario, is to remain committed to excellence while maintaining the high standards of education and research. Another challenge would be to engage in quality improvement by building on alliances and collaborative partnership with the stakeholders including industry and sister institutions.

It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction for me to note that significant improvement has been made in the field of engineering and technical education at the university in accordance with national and international standards, with die emphasis on research and applied disciplines relevant to the need of time. The University is certainly alive to the increasing demand of professional and progressive engineering for national development.

I am confident that efforts to excel in the field of higher education and the inculcation of technical expertise in the students of the Universities will continue in the future with great zeal.