Department of Electrical Engineering – Publications

TitleAuthorPublication Year
Revealing long- and short-run empirical interactions among foreign direct investment, renewable power generation, and CO2 emissions in China.Dr. Muhammad Shahzad2019
Collaborative control of thermostatically controlled appliances for balancing renewable generation in smart grid. Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2019
EH-UWSN: Improved Cooperative Routing Scheme for UWSNs Using Energy Harvesting. Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2019
A Comprehensive survey on channel bonding techniques in a wireless network and Futuristic cognitive radio networkDr. Muhammad Shahzad2020
Self-Configurable Current-Mirror Technique for Parallel RGB Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Strings Dr. Muhammad Shahzad2020
Effective Classification Algorithms and Feature Selection for Bio-Medical Data Using IOT Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Design of an Effective Optimized 3-level Memory Access for Modern Embedded System Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques, A review for FANETs Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Thermal aware link energy efficient scheme for body area network Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Evaluation of Response Time for Linked Data Application Using CoAP and HTTP Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Synchronization of N-Nonlinear Chaotic or Comple Systems by Feedback Controller Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Energy Efficient Water Management Platform (EEWMP) for Smart Agriculture-An IoT Application Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Antibacterial Dynamics Of Mucor Species Against Multi-Drug Resistant Bacterial Species Dr. Muhammad Shahzad 2021
Thermal Aware Real Time Task Scheduabilty test for Energy and Power System Optimization using Homogenous Cache Hierarchy of Multicore SystemsDr. Zeeshan Najam Khan
Synthesis and Characterization of PMMA Nanofibres for Filtration of Drinking Water Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan
Role of Internet of Things (IoT) with Blockchain Technology for the development of Smart Farming Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan
CASA based Supervised Single Channel Speaker Independent Speech Separation Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan
Effect of Thermal Budget on the Electrical Characterization of Atomic Layer Deposited HfSiO/TiN Gate Stake MOSCAP Structure Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan
Eectrical Characterization of Postmetal Annealed Ultrathin TiN Gate Electrodes in Si MOS Capacitors Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan
Hybrid Control of PV – FC Electric Vehicle using Lyapunov based Theory Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan
Incorporation of Ge on High K Dielectric Material for different Fabrication Technologies (HBT,CMOS) and their impact on Electrical Characteristics of the device. Dr. Zeeshan Najam Khan